Wednesday, December 30, 2009



I just wanted to give a quick word and spread some love to all our friends. This years has gone by so fast and 2010 is up on us. I'm sure for most of us 2009 had its moments. A lot of us went through some eye opening experiences and others through situations we thought would never pass. All and all I tip my hat to everybody that hung in there. Thank you to everyone that supported us, through music, our parties, and friendship. I personally cherish every moment sitting behind those turntables and sharing tunes with my peers. There is nothing like it in the world. I'm beyond blessed.

In 2010 Look for lots of projects and new adventures with The Abstract Workshop Family. Music is a major part of our life and always tells the story, or solve the riddle. We look forward to moving butts and making heads knock for many years to come. On that note, I wish everyone of you a prosperous New Year and the up most humble regards. Go out and make it happen!

Here is a mix I made on 12-27-09 that contains some DEEP TECHY MINIMAL TUNES!

Also January 6th I'm playing with my good friends over @ THE FEEL UP!

Music Saves The Day!


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